Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am...

I am....

EXCITED that Jordan was cleared yesterday to play volleyball now. She'll be hitting the court this weekend in Huntsville. Wahooie!!

NERVOUS about making a presentation tonight to our shareholders. Yeah, I like to talk. But not in front of 50 people. With powerpoint mixed in.

DIGGING my new car. I kind of feel like a grown up.

ANXIOUS about the big storms rolling in today. Especially since they are heavy tonight while Jordan will be at the volleyball gym and I will be making my presentation. And I'm pretty sure giving my presentation while in the "duck and cover" position under the table probably wouldn't be to my benefit. Anyway, bad weather must be a sure thing here since I saw where Jim Cantore is headed to town. You know he tweeted me once. So yeah, we're tight.

HAPPY that I have friends who love me in spite of me. You know who you are.

OBSESSED with oatmeal these days. Seriously, I can't get enough of it.

FINISHED with this post.

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JuJu said...


hoping all goes well for you tonight,

strangely jealous of your weather

wanting to see pix of your new car!

always enjoying your blog!

Shari said...

Just found your blog girl!! So excited to find a local fellow blogger mom! :) You are so funny too!

So glad that Jordan is all cleared and ready to get back out there! I know she hated being on the sidelines for a while! GOOD luck on your presentation. I know you will do great! I agree with JuJu above... we wanna see pics of your new ride!!!

Steve said...

I am...

THINKING you should have been a weather girl. That would just be too cool. Although they probably wouldn't let you hide under the weather desk when a tornado is approaching.