Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's cold. And hot.

We've got our eye to the sky.

Because tonight & tomorrow may be Ice, Ice Baby.

(If that made you start singing a little Vanilla Ice, please raise your hand...)

The Ice Storm cometh.


We have a tremendous track record of being "right on the line" which translates to being right on the stinking border of six inches of wintery stuff and three days of cold rain.

And the weather folk tease us with their sweet words full of promises. They look right in the camera and say sweet nothings like snow, sleet, freezing rain. And sometimes they even go so far as to say that word that is very, very committal ... ACCUMULATION.

And sometimes it happens.

And sometimes it doesn't....Which is also known as "Build me up buttercup..."

And so here we are in yet another "wait and see" situation today and tonight.

Which means I will wake up every thirty minutes and go look out the window.

Then if we DON'T get any ice or snow, I am disappointed and tired and a big pot of cranky the next day. Bah.

But pay attention because here is where it gets exciting people....

I sent Jim Cantore a weather question tweet the other day....

As you know, he is one of my Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Let's take a look at him again for good weather measure. Want to?


Wait - what was I saying?

Oh yes - the weather tweet....

Anyway, I sent him a weather question tweet asking if Memphis would see any of this alleged winter weather....


Yes he did.


{clapping hands with glee}

He said, "@angie128 models trending south with ice potential so yes."

Which I'm sure actually means, "Thank you for being my biggest fan. Let's go to dinner the next time I'm in town."

Or maybe not.

Regardless, my day was complete.

And today may, or may not, be my 40-something-th birthday.

So if Jim Cantore and my other favorite Weather Guy want to give me a big ol' icy snow storm for my birthday, which would lead to a lovely three-day weekend filled with soup, Wii games, a good book, and some college hoops, who am I to say no?

Ice Ice Baby.

Word to your mother.

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Momma Roar said...

Now I'm going to have Vanilla Ice's voice in my head all day. Thanks! LOL

Lauren814 said...

When did you guys get all that snow in the picture?

angie128 said...

Momma - Mission accomplished. Word.

Lauren814 - March of last year. It was about 6". Snows like that are few and far between here.

Kearsie said...

*complicated peace/gangsta sign chest thump*

We're right on the line too. Which means if our local weather man is calling for snow, it will just be freezing rain and ice. If we're not suppose to get any snow, we'll get freezing rain and ice.

Guess what? folks around here don't know what to do with freezing rain and ice except rush to the store and hoard up on bread and milk.


JuJu said...

Um, Jim Cantore is TOTALLY flirting with you.

w said...

you're so famous. can you get michael vartan to tweet me. on twitter, of course. ahem.

i wanna see snow, too. but. it's not gonna happen here. and. our weathermen don't look like yours.

Busy Mom said...

Shut up! I think he called you a "model".

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

"And today may, or may not, be my 40-something-th birthday."

Really?!?! Happy Birthday!

I hope it snows buckets for you, so you can have the best birthday yet :)

Word to yo mutha! (hee hee hee... that was my lame Vanilla Ice reference)