Monday, March 7, 2011

The big clean up

We had big, big plans for Saturday....The agonizing process of cleaning out our attic and upstairs guest bedroom. The current state of the two areas is sure to earn us a spot on Hoarders unless something happens soon.

The attic features about 11 years of accumulated treasures. Mixed in with 11 years of accumulated junk.

The guest bedroom has recently acquired some new inherited furniture and has an extra dresser in it. Plus, the Captain's hunting clothes have vomited all over the place. That room is a wreck and I break out in hives everytime I walk in there.

So it was time to do something about it since we had a free Saturday afternoon.

I am happy to report that no critters crawled out and ran over my feet during the process. Because if a mouse or other creature had jumped out at me, I would have resigned my job as project foreman.

But, I did discover some other things:

All my old Barbies. And their jazzy 70's clothes. And cool blow-up furniture. Oh man, the memories. (Connie, you may have to come over and play with me.)

Two Christmas presents that had been hidden in a plastic bin. One of them was a candle. I strongly suggest NOT storing candles in one's attic. The bin experienced the equivalent of a salon deluxe wax job (lemon scented!) and is now sitting out on the curb waiting for garbage pick up day.

My kids' baby blankets and toys. *sniff*

No less than 38,677 plastic Easter eggs.

We aren't finished with the project. We haven't tackled the corner of the attic that features the Captain's collection of 938 coolers.

There's a lot more work to do.

But we ran out of time.

And energy.

The rest of this most exciting weekend featured:

Celebrating the Captain's birthday on Friday. Even though he didn't get home until 8:30 pm - because he was coaching Cooper's baseball team. And we all know that spending over two hours with 15 eight year old boys is a gift in itself! Happy Birthday, Captain!

My NOT meeting Busy Mom. Because SOMEBODY got to meet her (ahem, Connie) and I didn't. (cue the pouting)

My attempt to make home made granola. Which garnered me about a B+. I did not achieve the coveted "clumping", but have since received additional advice from my two very smart granola-making consultants and will attempt this again another time.

So, here we are on Monday. With a busy week ahead. And a volleyball tournament waiting for us next weekend.

Y'all have a good day and play nice.

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Best Sister in the World said...

That blow up Barbie furniture is mine...I got it for did YOU get it??? (p.s. ~~ I do NOT want it back...)

Busy Mom said...

We had fun meeting, but it would be more fun with you (and your puppy chow ;)

JuJu said...

I totally want pictures of the Barbies and the blow up furniture!!

Hey, at least you're attempting to do something. I continue to ignore my room of junque.