Friday, March 18, 2011

Hoops and Tigers

Raise your hand if your bracket took a beating yesterday.

{raising hand and waving it wildly in the air}


I'm 11-16.


But today is a new day.

And it brings the MEMPHIS TIGERS!

The Mayor has declared today Tiger Blue day.

And it's Jeans Day at work.

But I have some meetings and such. So it's not in my best interest to wear my jeans and Memphis hoodie. And it would probably not be very professional of me to have my face painted blue and wear a blue and silver pom-pom on my head like a wig.

So I'll be cheering from my desk this afternoon for my beloved Tigers.

The Captain and Jordan arrived home from Adventure Camp bearing loads of dirty laundry. I'm glad they made it without incident. And by incident, I mean being thrown from a horse, falling off a 30 foot high ropes course, or drowning in the whitewater river. There were also no fractures or stitches. They must have had their fair share of adventure, because at the time of this writing, Jordan has been asleep for 13 hours. And I see no sign of life from her room.

The Captain was quite surprised that I had moved all that furniture upstairs. I confessed to almost crushing myself against the wall with the dresser mirror. And then I confessed to almost shattering the mirror to a million pieces in an effort to escape said crush. But it's all good.

Since there is no volleyball this weekend (HOOOOT!!), the Captain and I will continue to tackle that wreck of an attic. This weekend will focus on his collection of 38,201 Igloo coolers and all things camo.

We will also enjoy mucho basketballio.

Hope everybody has a groovy weekend.

And please root for my Tigers.

Thank you.

And amen.

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JuJu said...

I just saw the score of the game.

I am so very sorry.

And, so sorry about the laundry.