Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twitter Madness

Twitter ala March Madness

Some parents take competitive sports a little too seriously. Just sayin'

Spring Break this week. The Boy's goal is to learn how to shuffle cards.

Home with The Boy for a few days. I see lots of Go Fish in my future.

The Boy just asked if I was born in 1939. #thankskid

Just got The Boy's hair cut. Glad to find the missing ears and eyebrows.

Captain and Girl come home today from a week at Adventure Camp. I'm sure they will return with wet, muddy laundry and bruises.

Bracket. Schmacket.

Messed up no-bake cookies. Awesome.

Attention: Salvaged my cookies. As you were.

Raise your hand if your bracket took a beating yesterday.

Tigers game today!! Will anybody at work notice if I paint my face blue and wear a silver and blue pompom on my head?

Involved in a debate with the Captain and taking a poll: Do you keep your car's window sticker in your glove box? Discuss.

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