Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yours, mine, and mine

A pretty decent refund check from the oral surgeon arrived in the mail yesterday. After insurance paid and all that blah blah blah, we had apparently overpaid for Jordan's surgery back in December.

So the Captain sees this little gem on the counter.

Captain: Oh wow. That's nice. And look, it's made out to me!

Me: Well, you might as well just endorse that over to me because the payment came out of my account to begin with.

Captain: Oh baby, we don't have "mine" and "yours". It's all "ours". {kissy kissy}

Me: Why is it "our" account when there's money going in, but "my" account when there's money going out?

Captain: I could use that to pay my car insurance.

Me: I pay that anyway!!

Captain: Well, it could go to --

Me: This check is probably going to be called "Money for three more volleyball tournament weekends."

Captain: Humph.

Me: Get your hands off my check.

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