Friday, March 25, 2011

Can't. Move.

I started a new exercisey thing this week.

Just a simple little 20 minute DVD with a tiny little 4 lb kettlebell.

I thought that it sounded easy enough.

And silly me even wondered if the four pound weight would be enough.

Let me assure you that it is.

Because right now I'm so sore all over my body I can hardly lift my arms up to the keyboard to type this.

And squatting down to pick something up? Forget it. It can stay down there on the floor forever as far as I'm concerned.

The DVD exercise gal made pretty good use of her 20 minutes because I was totally dripping when it was all said and done.

I had to get serious and do something about this situation where I look like a female version of the Michelin Man. I guess that would make me the Michelin Woman.

Actually, I was on a good path with the whole "Drop some weight" thing until the holidays arrived.

And you know, I never met a sausage ball I didn't like.

Anyway, those kettlebells....they are sneaky little devils. But from what I've read the kettlebell thing is supposed to be a pretty good way to go.

We'll see.

Pass the Icy Hot.

And have a nice weekend.

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Steve said...

I must say I would prefer sausage balls over kettle balls any day. Sausage balls aren't as crunchy.

JuJu said...

I'm aching for you.