Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Is Good. *yawn*

Chalk up another volleyball tournament road trip.

Conway, Arkansas. Check.

I've been rippin' up the road, people. My new ride already has over 3,000 miles logged on it.

And my bootie has 3,000 hours of bleacher-sitting logged on it.

The girls STUNK. IT. UP. on Saturday, but yesterday were victorious in their bracket and came home with a medal! Woop Woop!

Makes that long weekend worth it.

Kind of.

I really did think that last night at 7:30 pm when I was pulling out of Arkansas facing my three hour drive home.

I didn't really think that this morning at 4:00 am when my alarm was going off.

I've enjoyed my large amounts of quality and quantity time with Jordan.

Except sometimes in the car...

When we disagree...

About music and temperatures.

Because she likes country music and the heater.

I like 80's music and the A/C.

Battle of the buttons.

Other than those little conflicts, it's good times.

And this morning, there isn't enough coffee in the world to get me going.

Or puffy eye relief cream to help me out.

See also: "I'm Totally Exhausted" and "Bags and Dark Cirles"

So, in summary:

I spent the whole weekend in a volleyball gym.

I'm exhausted.

I love Jordan.

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JuJu said...

You are a good mama.

Bleacher Butt. Bleacher Butt.