Monday, April 4, 2011


The following are true statements about things that happened this weekend:

The Captain shaved. The Chinchilla is gone. At first I didn't even notice. I had quit looking at him from the nose down. But now he's all smooth and handsomey again.

Kentucky got beat.

I cleaned out my pantry.

The Captain mentioned some homemade bread somebody brought to work. Then he said, "He's going to give me some bread starter so I can make my own." I just looked at him. And said, "Who are you????" I blame all this kind of stuff on the Chinchilla. Kind of like a reverse Samson effect.

Friday night we went to dinner and dropped Jordan off at a friend's house. I drove. The Captain rode. Like a Mamaw and a Pawpaw. Again, fault of the Chinchilla.

I did one of those stupid kettlebell DVDs. Lots of squats. My squatter is sore. Yesterday we tackled a four mile walk on the greenbelt. My legs are sore. I'll be needing a wheelchair today.

We had lots of pretty weather and yummy sunshine.

Kentucky got beat. (That's worth saying twice.)

I cleaned out my pantry. (That's worth saying twice, too.)

And that was my weekend.

And now it's Monday. It features lots of wind and heavy thunderstorms, just one little school off-season volleyball practice, and a crockpot. Oh, and a wheelchair. It features a wheelchair.

Peace out people.

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