Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week on Twitter

And just like that. It was a week. On Twitter.

In a move of desperation, I drank hotel room coffee.

I witnessed some pretty stinky volleyball today. Other than that, and getting turned around on the interstate twice, it's been a fine day.

Embracing the bronze bracket today. Which starts at NOON.

And our court is running an hour behind. Awesome.

In case you were wondering, I'm still at the volleyball tournament. And our next game starts in two hours. As in one, two.

But it's the Bronze Championship. And, as we all know, Bronze is the new Gold.

Three hour drive ahead. But going home with the championship medal!!!

There isn't enough coffee in the whole world to help me this morning.

I would also be victorious in a "Puffiest Eyes with Darkest Circles" competition.

I need, in no particular order, a nap and a haircut.

Hoping if I keep staring at this ground beef, it will jump up and turn itself into dinner.

Still don't have a dress to wear to the Royal Wedding. I gotta' get on that.

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