Friday, April 15, 2011

Short night. Long day.

I only got four hours of sleep last night.

That is not neeeeeeeeeearly enough.

The concert was great.

Dude sang until 10:30.

Then we had to take Jordan's friend boy home.

Which finally put us back home at 11:30.

Which was kind of unfortunate considering the church where the concert was is literally in my back yard.

And we would have been home at 10:31.

Oh well.

Then she had to make some sort of corn meal biscuit things.

For homework.


Don't ask.

So I finally fell into bed at 12:15.

And that stupid alarm clock went off at 4:00.


I'm driving carpool and headed to work soon.

In the pouring down thunderstorm.

And 50 mph winds.


Then later we are headed about 400 miles northeast.

To Louisville, Kentucky.

For a weekend of you know what.

Side out.

And peace out.

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