Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a meanie.

Been a tough few days for me at work. Actually, it's the culmination of about ten months of work. I've rolled out a new logo for our company. A "rebranding" of sorts. Huge. Big. It's been a great project and I've loved doing it. Definitely one of the biggest things I'll ever do in my measly career. But, it makes me stressed. And apparently makes me kind of ... mean.

A coworker told me yesterday that he told the folks in his department to "stay away from Angie this week".

And the Captain said I "have not been very pleasant" on the homefront.

Connie says she is worried about me.

And poor Bingmama just tolerates me and my mood swings and listens to my rants about websites and signage and envelopes and tshirts and ID badges and embroidered lab coats and company vans and business cards and ....

I guess the stress of it all got to me. And the behavior of others got to me too. Which is stupid. Cause I know better. Then I let THAT get to me.

Throw some hormones in there and add about 2 months of insomnia, and you've got yourself a big ol' mess. Who is apparently a meanie.

I'm sorry, people.

I sure don't want to be a meanie.

OK, on to a big announcement:

Cooper learned to ride his bike yesterday!! WOOP WOOP!!

Yes, I know he's eight.

Who cares.

Man, was he ever proud.

I came home from a quick trip to the store to get some cheese -- came around that corner -- and saw him riding his bike down the street -- with a big ol' smile on his face. And I may or may not have hung up on Bingmama. Sorry, Bingmama.
This mama's heart was happy.

My baby riding his bike.

And *that*, my bloggy friends, turned my whole day around.

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JuJu said...

Thank goodness that Cooper saved the day. Congrats to him, he can now conquer the world!!
Best of luck on today being a better day for you my little friend.