Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Magic

So we got Netflix.

I know, I know. We're probably the last folks on the planet not to have it.

It is pretty cool.

It has changed our life.

Well, that's kind of an extreme statement.

Maybe not CHANGED our life, but sure has added a nice element.

Movies and TV shows - old and new - available instantly.

Personally, I'm beyond excited that I found seven seasons of Emergency. Yes, Squad 51. Connie and I used to watch that all the time. Paramedic Johnny Gage. Yes. Good times, people. Good times.

Cooper has found Mindfreak.

He loves Mindfreak.

Obsessed with it.

As in, thinking he can make himself levitate and make the dog disappear.

I'm hoping he can make some of this laundry disappear too.

There are 96 episodes available.

He's on episode 41.

That is what we'll be doing today.

Plowing through 20 more episodes of Mindfreak.

Jordan is at the lake with friends riding around on a boat getting her tan on.

The Captain is on a trip with a church group camping in the great outdoors.

Coop and I will be watching Mindfreak.

Unless I can convince him to watch Columbo or Cosby Show or Hawaii Five-Oh.

We'll be eating leftover grilled porkchops.

Not very Memorial Day-ish.

But I'm so happy to be home with my smallest guy today.

And I'm thankful for those who have served our country and who continue to do so.

So go forth, people, and enjoy your day.

PS - If I could ask you to pray for my bestie friend, Bingmama. She lost her dad yesterday. And that makes me very sad.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Oh, I used to love Emergency! HAve you found episodes of McMillan and Wife yet? Oh, how I loved Rock Hudson.

Enjoy your day, and sending prayers and love to

Kearsie said...

Oh no!! Poor BingMama!! I shall pray...

Tonya said...

We dont have Netflix. :(

Praying for Bingmama

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

No Netflix here either... I am SURE we will be the last family on Earth to have it ;)

Praying for Bingmama and her family.