Saturday, May 21, 2011

twitter. yep.

Another week.

Gotta' get a grip.

Watching some golfy thing with the Captain.

It's National Police Week. Please pray for your first responders. #ILoveTheCaptain

Stop the Time Train. I want off.

Jury duty for me today + President's visit = Downtown traffic snarl

Which smells worse: volleyball kneepads or baseball cleats? Discuss.

Sitting at jury duty with Al G. listening to ABBA. Good times.

Jury draft. Got picked in Round 6. Heading to my court room.

They kept me. Guess the whole "I'm married to the Captain" thing didn't work....

All rise...

Jury duty over for the day. Juror #13 is now at the baseball game.

And my baby thinks he'll steal second. And third.

In case you're wondering, it takes two days for a pair of socks thrown up on top of the bathroom light to catch on fire.

Jury duty. Day #2.

Jury deliberations were actually quite fascinating. Not guilty. All done. Bye-bye.

Fellow officer & good friend of the Captain was killed in off-duty accident last night. Please pray for the department & officer's family.

Black mourning bands + police officer badges = DISLIKE

Heart. Heavy.

I heart the Captain.

Guess this dinner won't fix itself.

Was going to do some laundry and change the sheets, but if today's the end of the world, then I'm not going to bother.

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