Monday, June 27, 2011

Budget Schmudget

Had the ol' "Want vs. Need" conversation with Cooper this weekend.

He neeeeeeeeeded some ToyGameLegoThing when he found out I was going to the store.

The convo then turned into an explanation of budgets and how "we have a budget and there's a certain amount of money in the budget to buy the things that we need"

And that's when he said, "So, exactly how much money do you have in that budget?"

Want vs. Need, Importance of a Budget convo fail.

Soooo, the weekend.

How was yours?

Jordan was home from church camp long enough to sleep for 23 hours, get her clothes washed, get her clothes repacked and get back on the church bus. They are in Tuscaloosa this week helping in some tornado relief efforts.

Cooper is still residing in his Man Cave. I'm trying to be tolerant of this. The monstrosity in the middle of my den is starting to get slightly annoying. But isn't really harming anything. Oh well...

The Captain has glued and clamped The Coffee Table in an effort to bring him back to life. Stay tuned.

I'm hanging out at home again today.

Oh, and it's hot. Like 287 degrees today.

Peace and love, people.

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JuJu said...

I was just thinking about that coffee table!! Glad to know you're trying to save it.

You are a good patient mother. I would have blown up the Man Cave by last Thursday.

mom said...

Do him like we did you and Connie - Give him so much per week, with these rules - so much to church, so much to save, and the remainder is his to spend as he wants. that teaches him priorites in life and when he wants something, he will have to decide if he wants it bad enough to spend HIS money.

Steve said...

We have a certain friend with a son going into the 9th grade. They were driving by new houses, and the sign said, "Starting at the low 200s." Son asked, "What exactly does that mean?" They had a nice economics lesson right there in the car, so I heard. Ah, teachable moments...