Thursday, June 2, 2011

In search of balance

I really have nothing to say today.

Other than it's pretty hot.

And it's way too early in the not even officially summer yet to be this hot. We are already knocking on the door of 100 degree highs. No likey.

And I'm still seeking balance in my Mom-life and my work-life. And I know you are all sick of hearing about that. So I'm not going to even go into it.

But I'll just say it's very hard to keep all that rolling right now.

And it's day four of summer.

And I'm already worn out from trying to make it work.

And I drove 470 miles roundtrip yesterday. To go see Bingmama. In Illinois. She buries her dad today. Which is not related to any of this. And I'm not real excited about driving anywhere this morning because I'm slightly wearly.... But I love Bingmama. And my heart hurts for her.

Work is It's hard right now. It's different. And frustrating. And very challenging mentally and emotionally. Plus the biggest bummer to that work thing is they want me to actually BE there. Which is somewhat conflicting with the two smaller humans who want me to be home. And who need me to drive them to practice, dental appointments, camp, parties, and other various and sundry social events. But I am making it work. Killing myself trying to do it, but am making it work. Maybe it's always like this at the beginning of the summer - trying to settle into a "not" routine. I can't remember.

Oh wait - I wasn't going to go into all this. Sorry. What a buzz kill this blog has been lately. And did I actually put a picture of a pork roast on here yesterday? Seriously..... I'm sorry people. I promise I'm climbing out of this whatever I've been in. Life Pit. Whatever... It's just real life for me right now. Parenting. Death of several friends. Working. Emotions. Lots of emotions. Throw some hormones in there for good measure too - that's always fun. It's just life. LIFE.

In other news, did I tell you it's hot?

Oh, and Cooper is on episode 83 of Mindfreak. And he just chopped some guy's head off. And made an elephant disappear. Impressive.

Peace out people. Stay cool.

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JuJu said...

What in the world is Cooper going to do when he finishes MindFreak???

You are a good friend, and I know Bingmama so appreciated your trip up there to support and love her.