Monday, June 6, 2011


So the Coopster turns nine today. NINE. Can't. Stand. It.

He's so excited.

He's getting a new bicycle. That I may or may not have gotten yesterday for ONE CENT. That's how it rang up. And the gal didn't want to mess with calling the manager and doing all that cash register stuff. So she sold us the $100 bike for ONE CENT. Wooop!!

For those keeping score at home, he has finished all 96 episodes of Mindfreak. Whew. That's a lot of illusions people.

For those of you worried about his next Netflix endeavor (JuJu), he's tackling four seasons of Drake & Josh and three seasons of Man vs. Food. Guess those are a little more tolerable.

The rest of the weekend featured...

...Jordan and a most active social calendar and the Mom Taxi in high gear.

...our air conditioner being out Friday and Saturday. Fixed now. Thank the high heavens.

...lots and lots and lots of Mario Kart. I always finish 12th. Out of 12. At least I'm consistent.

...some hot, hot, hot temps.

Guess the air is still out at work.

Grabbing a fan and heading that way.

Peace and love.

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JuJu said...

Oh, happy birthday to my favorite 9 year old boy!! I am obsessed with his TV/Netflix adventures! Let him know his SC fan LOVES some Man v. Food. Does he ever watch Phineas and Ferb? Am I spelling that right?

Stay cool mama.

Svee said...

Happy Birthday to Cooper! Hang in there Mama. If your anything like me its bittersweet. Happy for him but a little sad to have your baby growing up. It all goes by so fast.