Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer twitter

This first week of summer was made up of 96 episodes of Mindfreak and 96 degree days.

Not a fan of the 12" lizard thing that was just in my garage.

The Boy has found 96 episodes of Mindfreak on Netflix.

The Boy just said he's going to postpone college for a year to see how his magician career goes. Too much Mindfreak

For those keeping score at home, we are on episode 32 out of a possible 96 Mindfreak shows

The Boy: "Have you ever put a bee in your mouth?" Pretty sure that's a no.

Well, that was beyond awkward.

Summer + Full-time job + Mom taxi = Blah + Hard

Another night. Another drive a kid somewhere.

Hello, Insomnia. We have to quit meeting like this.

Kids. Dentist. Joy.

Already knocking on the door of 100 degree temps. And it's not even summer yet.

Make sure your car windows are up before you drive through a car wash.

And, in other news, the A/C at work has gone out. (See earlier tweet about 100 degree temps today....)

The Spelling Bee is tonight! I'm so e-x-c-i-t-e-d!!!

I'm still hot. In case you were wondering.

Playing Just Dance with @vball199 . May need to call a paramedic.

Yeah, @vball199 is thin and young and in shape. And I'm....not..... And she's got some rhythm. And ummmm, well.....

I've quit shaking my groove thing and am back to watching the Spelling Bee.

Friday? Yes, please.

Anybody else get emotionally attached to a coffee mug?

Can you have the kit without the kaboodle?

{Insert "It's so hot and I'm burning up" tweet here.}

So the A/C is out at work. And now the A/C is out at home. Awesome.

Playing Mario Kart with the Boy. I'm not a good Kart driver.

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