Friday, July 8, 2011

Short. Sweet.

Jordan, Niece M. and a friend took a little road trip on Wednesday. It wasn't too far - only about 75 miles. And they were only going to be gone about 14 hours. But it was the first time Jordan had gone with a teen driver on the road vs. just driving across town.

I told her to text me when they got there that evening and when they left the next morning - all that parental concern stuff since they would be driving on the interstate.

She obeyed.

Text from her at 6:13 pm --

Text from her at 7:51 am --

Alrighty then. Obedience in its simplest form.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Taylor went through a phase of responding to my texts with , 'K'

Ultimate in teen-speak!!

(glad they're safe~!)