Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seven on seven seven

Today is July 7th.

So here are seven summer on seven seven.

1. The Man Cave has been razed. Coop put up a 2-man tent in its place, but it only lasted a day because he said it got too hot in there. When we put the tent up, Cooper climbed in, said, "There's a bone in here!" and came out holding a leg bone. Yes, some sort of 12" animal leg bone. The tent was used on a camping trip by the youth group earlier in the summer. A few questions on Sunday found the young man who had used our tent and discovered the bone. The interrogation ended when he said, "Did you find the jaw bone too?"

2. My newest toenail polish color obsession is Essie Geranium. It's kind of orange-ish and red-ish and is the color of, well, a geranium. It's divine.

3. Jordan is gone. Again. I really don't think she has been home for more than 24 hours any day this summer. It's just like a little whirlwind. Kind of blows in, then blows out.

4. Cooper has been honing his magic trick skills this summer. He already played with his magic set quite a bit, but has been fueled by the 96 episode Mindfreak marathon earlier in the summer. Some of the tricks are actually pretty good. Some need quite a bit of work. And some, ummmmm.... Last night he had a bandana on the Bloggie Doggie's head and was saying, "I will now turn the dog head into a cat head and then back into a dog head!" Well, it was an effective and very speedy trick. Because I totally missed the cat head part. Voila!

5. Strawberry banana smoothies are where it's at.

6. Netflix has been the most awesomest of awesome things for us this summer. Seriously, how did we live without this?

7. The Captain and Cooper have been watching lots of shows involving alligators, snakes, rats, and Sasquatch. I'm glad the current craze for them is Whose Line Is It Anyway. Cause that's quality television right there.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

Steve said...

Doesn't get much better than Whose Line! Although Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, which is currently showing, is good, too. We spend quite a bit of time laughing at that.