Friday, July 22, 2011

Textual commentary

The Captain and Cooper have taken a little road trip. Jordan and I celebrated Girl Style last night by eating Goldfish and watching Friday Night Lights. Yes, I've converted her to an FNL fan. It wasn't hard.

I know, I know... I should just nip it about all the FNL stuff.

I'm just digging it so much.

And maybe it's because the first real show I've really watched in a long time. And by real show, I mean one that doesn't involve a Sasquatch, a gator, or any shooting-type weapon.

And poor Bingmama. She has seen all five episodes. So I feel compelled to text her during the show with every thought that crosses my mind and remind her of the great things happening during the show. Because that's what friends are for, right?

I don't really expect or even want a response. I just really need to let her know what's going on.

She tolerates my craziness. She's a good friend. Thank you, Bingmama, for tolerating my craziness and being a good friend.

My texts to her went something like this:

"Texas forever."

"Oh, Lila Garrity. Bless her."

"I'm in love with Coach Eric Taylor."

"Oh, Jason is screaming at her. Poor Lila."

"Poor Riggins."

"Coach Taylor <3"

"And now Lila is beating Riggins up. And now they are kissing! Oh my!"

"Poor Street."

"Man, Buddy Garrity is nuts. The whole town is nuts."

"Is Matt's dad in prison or military?"

(That's when I got a text back from her: "Military."

"I love Mrs. Coach."

"She is a riot."

"Oh haha. Coach told Matt to take a girl out and all that. It's his DAUGHTER! Hahahaha"

"Interesting camera angles."

"Matt is a sweet boy."

"The party. How hilarious."

"Man, this show is so good."

And alllll those texts may or may not have been in one night. And maybe in a thirty minute time span.

See above mention of how Bingmama tolerates me.

I toned it down last night. And only sent her seven messages. Mostly about how I think Coach Taylor is hawt.

I'm also still in Season 1.

And yes, I cried during Homecoming Week.

Issues, people. I've got issues.

Have a good day, people.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Sorry, couldn't resist that.


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JuJu said...

FNL is your bridge between college basketball and college football! :-)