Saturday, July 2, 2011

Twitter replay

It was a most prolific week on Twitter. I officially have no life.

Good gravy. All this laundry. What have these people been doing?!

Have I mentioned my son bought a harmonica?

Happy. Sad.

My son's harmonica doesn't mix well with my headache.

The Captain is watching True Grit. For the 28,193 time.

True Grit is over. Now it's .. wait for it... another Bigfoot show. #SasquatchOverdose

The Boy is very concerned today about his Halloween costume. #June #October

And the dog just walked through the kitchen with a Wii remote in his mouth.

Who knew there were so many episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place...

Introducing my son to the fine tradition known as Required Summer Reading.

There is a fine line between being amused and being annoyed.

I want to ride in the Cash Cab.

Tonight we are watching a very exciting show about rifles and ammo. #WooHoo #BeatsSasquatch

It is imperative that The Boy learn to play something else on the harmonica besides Jingle Bells.


Bowling ala Wii.

The Captain is a show-off.

Working on the lyrics to a sure-fire Top 40 hit, "You're a Goober"

Just saw a car pulling out of a parking lot onto the street. But she drove down the sidewalk instead. Where's the Captain!!???!?

The Boy's comment regarding an infomercial: "Forty dollars for zit cream?!? What a rip off!!"

I always feel so sorry for Brandy. She's such a fine girl and all...

I sent the Captain a 214 word email. He replied with one letter. #Mars #Venus

I am the go-to person to locate any of the 8,762,344 items in our house. "Mom, where is the....?"

The Boy just said he didn't know who Foghorn Leghorn was. The Captain promptly lost it.

That was NOT me belting out "Hopelessly Devoted to You" at the red light. Just needed to set the record straight.

Tonight on TV de Captain: Whale Wars. I kind of don't get this...

In other news, I have a 2-man pup tent set up in the middle of my den.

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