Saturday, August 20, 2011

da twitter

Another ridiculous week on Twitter.

Capt & I discussing if picking @vball199 up from spot closer to home but later is better than picking her up farther from home but earlier.

I hate those little stringy things on bananas.

My newborn baby starts fourth grade today.

Re-introducing socks to my son.

The Captain is snoring like a cartoon character.

Life is wonky.

Just saw Elvis at the WalMart.

Not THIS Saturday, and not the NEXT Saturday, but the NEXT Saturday is the return of college football. And that will be bliss. The end.

Let me just tell you how much I love looking like a total idiot.

Feeling very suffocatingish.

Has anyone ever actually choked to death on a family calendar or a to-do list?

The boy just proudly showed me that he can lick his armpit.

I have a splinter in my nose. Don't ask.

I love my UPS man.

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