Monday, August 22, 2011

The one where we threw everything away and broke the bed

I cleaned this weekend, people.

Major cleaned.

Immense and intense.

When the dust settled - literally - there were ten bags of junk.

Most of my activity took place in Cooper's room. I can't believe the amount of ... STUFF ... that was in his room.

I moved out the Little Boy Toys and made room for the Big Boy Toys.

Emotional and liberating all at the same time.

Jordan woke up at 4 o'clock. Four. In the afternoon. She wanted to know what was for breakfast. Ummmm, pork chops.

Then she caught the cleaning bug too and threw away three bags of stuff out of her room.

And her cleaning process apparently required this.

Which she did by herself.

She's a beast.

Guess that off-season volleyball weight training paid off.

Then, at 5:15 pm, she said, "Whew! What a day!"

What a day? You've only been awake an HOUR.

Anyway, then we sat down on her bed to view the handiwork. And stalk Facebook.

And that's when the slats on the bed broke and both of us ended up on the floor Goldilocks style.

Yoo hoo! Captain. Help. And bring some tools.

And, in the end, the Captain fixed the bed. We threw away tons of stuff. The kids had clean rooms. And we all lived happily ever after.

The end.

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JuJu said...

Was there any porridge in this story?