Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hot Twitter

A ridiculous week on Twitter.

Personally, I think 9am is just a bit too early to be watching some show about guns and shooting and such. #TheCaptain

Cardinals scored 10 runs while the Captain was watching a show about a moose. #ChangeTheChannels

Shark. Week.

I seem to have misplaced July.

The Weatherman: "100, 100, 100, blah blah blah, 100, 100, 100."

Dear Monday: You won. Move along.

Stopped to get gas. Promptly had heat stroke.

Going to get @vball199 from practice wearing a "I hope I don't have a wreck and have to stand on the corner and wait for the cops" outfit.

High today 103. Heat index 115+. Apparently, I live near the Equator

Twitter just recommended @connie423 as someone who was "similar to me". I'll say...

It's ridiculous hot. Like Equator hot.

I'll take nervous breakdowns for $500, Alex.

The Boy is playing with his wresting figures while he watches Iron Chef. I really don't know what to think about that.

Memphis official high today = 106 = Ridiculous

College football starts four weeks from today. Four. Weeks. From. Today. Hooray and Amen.

Why are the Captain's Chaco's in my bathtub?

I can only tolerate so much SpongeBob. And then I break out in the hives.

I have no desire to fight 3,582 women for some socks and a spiral notebook in order to save $1.72 during tax free weekend.

More cowbell.

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