Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes, Saturday night we went to WWE.

And Cooper has not. stopped. talking. about it.

I'll admit, it was quite entertaining. Talk about a tremendous people watching opportunity.

Lots to see.

And, as an added bonus, those wrestler fellas are quite .... fit.

Our seats were pretty dern good. We were two rows behind the "you'll get sweat flung on you and maybe get hit with a chair" section.

It was two and a half hours of headlocks, powerslams, and pile drivers.

With Cooper jumping up and down screaming the entire time.

And occasionally saying, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

He took a friend with him. And if one nine-year old boy screaming "DUDE! THAT WAS AWESOME!" all night long is nice, then it's only twice as nice when it's two nine-year old boys screaming "DUDE! THAT WAS AWESOME!" They were cute little goobers. Double your goober, double your fun.

Coop has become quite fond of Kelly Kelly. Who is a "wrestling Diva". Enough said.

On the way home he was talking about her - how pretty she was, blah blah blah. And I made the comment that Kelly Kelly should cover her Belly Belly and all her other body parts that were ... ummm ... significantly visible.

And Cooper said, "Well the guys only have on little tighties. So what's the difference?"


I mean, Touche.

But that's different.

Because he's a nine year old boy who doesn't need to be looking at Kelly Kelly's Belly Belly.

And I'm a *cough cough* year old woman who can check out C.M. Punk's butt if she wants to.

He's just so beyond totally obsessed with wrestling right now. And by totally obsessed, I mean he's either watching it on TV, playing it on Wii, playing with his figures, or watching you tube videos of matches and intro music. So to see it in real life just put him over the nine year old edge.

It was a fun night. Fun watching all the chokeholds. Fun watching C.M. Punk's butt. Fun watching all the people. But especially fun watching Coop have such a good time.

Alrighty people. I'm off to practice my half-nelsons. Pack a lunch box or two. And take on this day.

Peace out. And Knock Out.

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JuJu said...

YAY! I'm so glad it was such fun. There's nothing better than having a dream and watching it come true. Wait, there is: watching your son's dream come true. :-)


Steve said...

I have a distant cousin who wrestled his way through law school. Seriously. He was a local masked wrestler (back in the day when there was still local wrestling) to make money to pay for school. No, there aren't any rednecks in my family. Why do you ask?

Anyway, our house is much the same these days, except with football instead of wrestling. Watching football, playing football, football action figures, and so on. But Jaylin hasn't seemed to notice any of the cheerleading divas yet.