Monday, September 26, 2011

Expensive Socks

All she needed was some new socks. So Jordan and I ran to Target Saturday night after the debacle also known as the Arkansas-Alabama game to get them.

$150 later, we left with the socks. And all this too:

  • two CDs
  • bathing suit - marked waaayyyyy down - for Jordan - not for me because I'm allergic to bathing suits
  • two bags of M & M's - one bag of peanut butter (which are most excellent) and one bag of pretzel
  • two little dresses - for Jordan - I'm also allergic to something that's described as "little"
  • bag of apples
  • butter
  • crescent rolls
  • headbands - in school approved colors
  • chocolate covered raisins - special request from the Captain
  • Coke Zero - again, for the Captain
  • Special K chocolate shake drink things
  • two spiral notebooks
  • a package of bobby pins
  • gum

Oh, and the socks.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Cameron and Rachel said...

Yeh Target will do that too you :)

JuJu said...

That sounds like one of my typical Target trips, minus the apples. We don't have fresh produce at our Target.
And, how great an invention are bobby pins??

I hope you got some rest baby!