Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twitter. With some volleyball. And a cold.

Twitters from the week featured lots of volleyball and a pesky headcold.

Will my plant die if I pour coffee in it?

Football > Chores

Man, there are a lot of Legos in this house.

I guess this laundry isn't going to fold itself...

"My name Peggy. You have problem?"

Convinced I just saw Charo at Target.

If you're about to run out of gas, do you drive fast so you arrive before you run out or drive slow to conserve what little gas you have?

I just said out loud to my son, "Don't run with that sucker in your mouth." I have become my mother.

I think @vball199 just growled at the other team. Right after she spiked the ball down number twelve's throat.

I want to whine about how tired I am. But I won't. You're welcome.

Cloudy this morning. Nice change to be able to drive east without having my retinas burned up by the rising, blinding sun.

Seeing my dad's handwriting makes me sad.

Nice to have a sister who understands me when I say "That's a lot of blah blah for not much whatever."

More football? Yes, please.

If you need me, I'll be at the volleyball game.

I got no time for this cold.

Me and my cold are going to the volleyball game.

Spearmint is the yuckiest mint of all the mints in the mint family.

Here's hoping none of us gets hit by a falling five ton space satellite today.

So, about this satellite.

I'm stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of a caravan full of painted up teenage boys headed to a football game. Hi, fellas.

Painted Boy U and Painted Boy R are standing on the side of the road waiting on the rest of the caravan.

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