Thursday, September 15, 2011

These are the things that keep me up at night.

The other night we were at a volleyball game - imagine that - and Cooper got some of those delicious concession stand nachos.

I noticed they only gave him about five chips. It hardly seemed in proportion to the blob of cheese sauce. And it was obvious he was going to have a significant amount of cheese sauce left over with no chips.

So, that triggered a most fascinating debate among the folks in the stands. And I present the question to you on this lovely day:

Would you rather have leftover chips or leftover dip?

I fully support the equal chip:dip ratio thing. And there's definitely a strategy for making sure there's enough dip for every chip. One should be able to amply dip his chip without fear of running out of dip.

But sometimes there's a little disparity. Some poor proportion judgement coming out of the concession stand.

And which would you rather have left over?


Or dip?

Personally, I'd rather have chips leftover because I think you can still eat the chips by themselves. The chips stand alone.

However, if you may be somebody like a certain nine-year old boy who has no problem licking the leftover dip out of the container regardless of what type of private or public setting he is in, then you may think leftover dip is preferred.

So, let me hear from you....

Do you prefer leftover chips or leftover dip?

Sound off.

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Best Sister in the World said...

You know my thoughts on this. I do not need to added stressor of having to ration my dip so that there is "No chip left behind". I want left over dip. Then I know all the chips are happy and have sacrificed their lives for the good of the team.

Best Sister in the World said...

I shall poll the Face Book community and see how they roll over there.

JuJu said...

I plan my chip and cheese eating very carefully. I make sure there is enough of both, so as not to have this dilemma at the end. This works fine until:
1. I have to share. (yuck!)
2. someone throws jalapenos into the mix and I have to also work at applying those at the right pace.