Thursday, October 27, 2011

A funny thing happened on my way to Target

So the craziest thing happened to me yesterday. Wanna' hear about it? Sure you do...

I ran in a Target that I hardly ever, ever NEVER go in. Grabbed what I needed and headed to the check out.

I'm staring with Gladys, my check out lady. She looked familiar, but not like "Hey, I know you" familiar - more like familiar in "Hey you just look familiar" familiar. So she continues to scan my stuff. And I continue to stare at her. She just had ... this look. Familiar.

Then I say, "You wouldn't by any chance be related to anybody named {Insert Captain's Last Name Here}?"

And then she just looks at me kind of weird and says why yes she is.

And I say "As in {Insert Captain's Last Name Here} of the Small Town, Missouri {Insert Captain's Last Name Here}'s?"

And then she really looks at me kind of weird and says why yes she is.

And I said, "I'm married to Captain {Insert Captain's Last Name Here}."

And come to find out, her uncle ("Uncle Buck") was the Captain's grandfather ("Granddaddy Buck").

And I said in loud fashion, "SHUT. UP."

Seriously people - how weird is that? A family reunion of sorts right there at register 3 at the Target I never go in.

So Gladys the Target check-out lady is the Captain's cousin or something like that.

I couldn't wait to fill the Captain in on this exciting discovery, but he wasn't nearly as blown away by the situation as I was.

He just kind of said "Oh, Gladys. Yeah, she's Irene's daughter."

Maybe there's some kind of family feud that I'm not aware of or something. Cause I haven't seen Gladys gathered 'round the holiday table.

And, apparently, it wasn't like I had discovered this long lost family member. So I guess we aren't going to be on Oprah for some big reunion show.

Good thing, because Oprah isn't even on anymore.

Oh well...

So, anyway...

Merry Christmas, Gladys.

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Steve Burns said...

Similar, yet completely different story. Yesterday, I went to pick up Laura and Jaylin after school. We were walking out behind this mother and her two kids, and Laura said to me quietly, "That's your cousin." I said, "Really? I've never seen her before!" As it turns out, she is married to a distant cousin that I haven't seen in well over 20 years. Still not sure how Laura knew we were related.

JuJu said...

Well, I'm very excited that you ran into Gladys. And, I think you should investigate the family mystery. I'm nosy like that.