Monday, November 28, 2011

From Texas to Tennessee

The Great Texas Thanksgiving Adventure is now history.

The "elder set" cancelled at the last minute. So no wheelchair. Or alleged catheter.

Here's the weekend summary ala numbered list.

1. We ate. And ate. And ate. Having a real live chef sister-in-law does not disappoint. We were just like baby Kennedy and ate every three hours. Time for our next feeding....

2. Speaking of baby Kennedy. Precious, precious, precious.

3. Football. My poor Hogs. Man, what happened? What a bust. So sad about that. Pitiful.

4. We watched more football. Yum.

5. The Captain may or may not have dropped his drawers in the middle of the den to try on a pair of shorts.

6. Cooper built a bigfoot trap out in the backyard.

7. Did I mention we ate a lot?

8. I delved into Pinterest. I know, I know.... Shouldn't have ever even gone there.

9. There was mass use of communication equipment -- seven phones, three laptops, an iPad, a Kindle. We were highly connected.

10. There were no ghost sightings or bumps in the night in the 115 year old B & B where we stayed. Although, Cooper did wake me up once in the middle of the night to tell me he thought was going blind.

It was a perfect weekend - well, except for the part where the Captain stood in the den in his underwear...

And now we are back.... to a forecast calling for 2" of snow tonight, an early morning orthodontist appointment, laundry out the wazoo, volleyball banquet tonight, and a tree that still has no ornaments on it.

Happy Monday!

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Steve Burns said...

At our Thanksgiving gathering Friday night (hard to get everyone together on the actual day), Laura and her sister-in-law spent about 3 hours looking at Pinterest on their phones, showing each other what they found. I didn't find it all that pinteresting, myself.

JuJu said...

I guess that Cooper gets his showmanship from the Captain?