Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flat and Loose

So, yeah, we had snow. It snowed a lot. Big, wet, gorgeous flakes that were so pretty to watch. We braved the blizzard to go to Jordan's end of year volleyball banquet last night. But, to the dismay of the little people in my house, it all melted as soon as it hit the streets. So, school's open. See also: Get up.

I took yesterday off to do errands and things and stuff. Looking back on it, I'm not real sure what I accomplished. Although, four gifts were purchased. So, yea me.

While I was out, a little light came on my dashboard. I was almost home, so I kept on driving, figuring if my engine was going to fall out, I'd rather it fall out in my driveway rather than half way to Target. The light was a little exclamation point with squiggly lines all around it. It was hard to take the exclamation point seriously since it had the squiggly lines surrounding it. So yeah, ignoresville.

Once I got to the safety of my garage, I pulled out the ol' manual book thing and discovered it was a "low tire alert". Humph.

I looked at all four tires. This is where it gets complicated. Because I can talk myself into believing two things: One, that tires are flat. And B, that I'm going to throw up. (Seriously, if you comment on here that you have been puking all night and then I read it, I will convince myself that I was exposed and within thirty minutes will be laying on the couch with a rag and a bucket.) So, yeah, not only did the tires look flat, I was practically watching them lose air as I stood there.

I called the Captain to see if he had some big air pumpy thing in the garage that he could fix the soon to be flat tire. He asked if one of the tires looked flat. That's when I wisely informed him that all four of my tires were flat as well as the four tires on his truck which was also parked in the garage. Yep, eight flat tires out there.

Throwing caution to the wind, I drove his truck for the remainder of the afternoon's running around. And, you never know what you may find when you get in the Captain's truck. And by "never know what you may find" I mean machete. Yes, a MACHETE. I carefully tucked said machete in the backseat and headed to the Hob to find some curly red and green things to tuck in my tree. Yes, the tree that still has no ornaments on it.

Anyhoo, no flat tires on the truck. No flat tires on my car. No need for said machete. And no curly red and green things at the Hob.

And the day's hits just keep coming because after the Captain got home, he informs me that yesterday morning when he was taking a shower, he noticed a small piece of grout coming out of the shower floor. So he picked it up. And it pulled another piece of grout out. So he pulled THAT up too. Then two pieces of tile came out of the floor. Apparently, my solution of not using the shower for a day and just gluing the tiles back to the floor and squirting some grouty stuff in there is not acceptable, because the Captain began informing me that the entire floor of the shower has to be pulled up and replaced. Something about water getting under the bottom of the shower and then the water pan overflows and then water goes through the wall into my closet. I don't really know all the details, because I blacked out after he said it would cost "a little under $1,000" to get it all fixed. So, Merry Christmas to me. I'm getting a new shower floor.

More on exciting goings on later. Including updates on whether I will find curly red and green things and if we will ever get the ornaments put on our tree. In the meantime, have a lovely day.

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lheffie said...

try target for curly red and green thingys :))