Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi, I'm a mom.

We're making progress in life. And the week is finally making an upswing.

Coop's cough is finally better. I finally gave up on trying to give him the medicine. I know. That's probably not cool. But it all just wasn't worth it. And I figured he would either get better or worse. And if he got worse, then we'd just end up in the hospital anyway. And a nurse or somebody could be the medicine dosing heavy. So the end. And he's a little better. Certainly no worse. And I can quit sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor crying and bemoaning my failures as a mom who can't get her kid to take his medicine.

Hope, hope, hope, hope the cast comes off tomorrow.

The talent show....Looks like he might do knock-knock jokes. He REALLY wants to do "Yo Mama" jokes. I have put my Mama foot down on that one. Even though he does have some pretty good ones... I just can't, in good conscience, allow that. (Yo Mama is so fat, she sat on her iPhone and it turned into an iPad ... I know, I know...)

Jordan was dealing with some teenage problems. Nothing major. Just stuff that is a big deal in the life of a teenager. It involved boys (of course). And friends. And not friends. And it involved some lying and some major hurt feelings and some other stuff. And her world kind of stopped spinning for about an hour. But then, just like that, it all actually became quite hilarious. And then some other stuff happened. That's kind of related, but not really. And then the world started spinning again. And life is just fine (for now). And probably better than it was before. And Jordan is in the driver's seat of life once again. Funny how it all happens.

But let me just tell you, in case you don't know, it's hard being a parent of a teenager.

And she's a pretty good teenager.

Except she apparently got in trouble in Bible yesterday because she called her teacher "Bro". But that's another story for another time....

And, with that, I'm off to try to wake up all the other human beings in my house. And, I hope you, and Yo Mama, have a delightful day.

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