Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All I want....

Hooray hooray! I bought a Christmas present yesterday. I am finally realizing that these gifts won't buy themselves.... And, time....it's ticking.... So the show must get on the proverbial road.

I've been trying to order some things online. But soon, my statute of online ordering limitations will expire and the gifts won't get here in time. And I refuse to pay more in shipping than the actual gift costs. So it's looking like I'm going to have to go to some actual stores. I have confirmed that I'm allergic to the mall. So that's going to present a small problem.

Cooper has asked for a snowboard. This is slightly problematic because, you, ummmm, kind of need some snow for that. And a hill. He also is asking for a trampoline (Sorry, kid. Never), anything WWE related, and some Pittsburgh Steelers stuff.

Jordan's list only has three things on it: an iPhone, a gecko, and an additional piercing in her ear. Let's just say only one of those things is slightly viable. And it doesn't breathe. Or include needles.

The Captain never really asks for anything specific. He gets this weird little voice and says "allll I want is youuuuuuu". OK, then. That's easy. We're kind of "not giving each other anything" but we kind of do. Santa is still bringing us a new shower floor and getting our roof fixed. So there's that. Ho ho ho.

Me? I kind of want a Kindle, and of course world-wide peace, and 5 minutes without somebody saying "Mom".

And right now, I want some more coffee.


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JuJu said...

I think you need to get the Gecko, especially if it speaks with an accent.
The Captain is a schmoozer, eh?

Can't you buy Cooper some snow too? Then he's be super happy.

I really hope you get your Kindle so we can discuss. LOVEmine!