Monday, December 12, 2011

All Tied Up

Another wild Saturday night at our house featured The Captain finding a show about the history of -- are you ready for this -- string. Yes, I said string.

I couldn't even understand that. Because there's no real history of string. String has been around forever.

Apparently not, according to the Captain.

Cue the intense debate on how long string has been around and how can you not have string and how on earth can you invent string? You don't INVENT string. It's ... string.


And I heard him whisper to Cooper, "You realize, Son, man has to MAKE string. It just doesn't APPEAR. God doesn't CREATE string. Your mom is nuts." OK, I can't really confirm that last nuts comment. But I think that's what I heard him say.

I said well, I personally believed string was around before the Indians, even though that's what it showed on The History of String show.

Captain: "Just because it showed him with a bow and arrow doesn't mean he's an Indian."


I accused him of coming up with stuff just to string me along during this debate (sorry, couldn't resist the string pun)

Captain: "Yes, I'm secretly a TV show producer creating shows about all sorts of made up stuff just to make you confused."


I finally got him to agree that string was probably around before Jesus, and before Abraham, and before Noah. So that pretty much takes us back to the beginning of the world.

And, the convo came to a screeching halt when I asked how he thought Adam & Eve walked their dog without string.

(When I mentioned that brilliant thought to Connie, she said Adam & Eve didn't have to put their dogs on leashes because they kind of had full run of the place... OK, good point. But I still think they had string.)

How can you NOT have string?

It's been around forever.

Everybody knows that.

Anyway, I'm ready to wrap this post up. {insert groan here}

This week ... Last week of school for my peeps - woop woop! And I MUST get this shopping finished.

Y'all have a great Monday!

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