Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Another Medic Monday

Complaints of a sore throat and a pretty major history of strep led me to take Jordan to the minor med yesterday for the ol' swabby strep test.

Good news. No strep.

Bad news. No strep. Because means, there's no Rx for that. And, as Jordan put it, "It's just a waste of a perfectly good sore throat."

So she feels like doggie poop. And since next week is exams, this week is known as "Cram as much work and tests as you can into one week". So that's blah.

When we got home, Cooper said the Captain had been waiting on me to help him with his head...

...since he had busted his head open on a nail when he was in the attic...

...while he was up there checking on a roof leak...

...which was discovered after the 5+" of rain we have had over a 48 hour period...

....and now there's a big wet spot on the den ceiling...


Oh, the Captain --

Anyway, he ripped the back of his head open on an exposed nail.

So I tried to clean it out. And stop the bleeding. And not faint. I'm not too keen on bloody heads so I just kept recommending going BACK to the minor med for stitches. Then I wouldn't faint in my own bathroom floor while trying to clean up his gash. Besides, he wouldn't let me put peroxide on it for fear of bleaching out his hair....

After a few texts and photos sent to Dr. Brother-in-Law, we decided stitches were not in the Captain's future.

So he sat over there in his chair with cotton balls stuck on his head and tried not to bleed out while eating sour cream chicken enchiladas and watching Monday Night Football.

I was feeling a bit better about his condition until he said, "So you're pulling for the Ravens tonight?"

Ummmm, well.... it's the Chargers and the Jaguars.

Alrighty then....

I just sat there in my chair, eating my dinner, and googling "head injury symptoms"....

Later, he said he couldn't keep his eyes open and we debated if that was a result of the blood loss or just because he was just tired. We finally just threw caution to the wind and headed off to bed.

That's when he says, "I regret to tell you that my chiropractor has told me I have to sleep on my back"

(He's been seeing somebody - who we actually go to church with - about a neck problem...)

I put my head in my hands and started weeping. Because when the Captain sleeps on his back, he snores like some sort of large bear in the peak of hibernation.

"He says it's bad for my neck if I sleep on my back."

"Well, it's bad for your marriage if you sleep on your back."

So the Captain and his bloody head drifted off to sleep.

And immediately started snoring.

And snored so loud that it woke him up.

At 9:30 pm.

And I said, "I'll be having a word with ol' B.K. on Wednesday night at church. And I'm not afraid to call him at 2:00 in the morning to discuss this treatment method."

So, I just swallowed half a bottle of advil PM, passed out cold, and slept through the night.

I was a little scared when I woke up this morning that the Captain had bled out overnight in his sleep, but his white pillowcase was still white this morning and he was breathing, so I guess he's ok.

Unless he starts cheering for the Ravens this morning.

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JuJu said...

What an eventful Monday you had! I hope Tuesday will be a bit more boring and a lot less bloody....