Thursday, December 22, 2011

To do list

Will somebody remind me why I didn't take today off? {HEAD SLAP}

I still have one more gift to pick up. I have to go by ______ and get some ____ _______ for Connie. Then I have still have some wrapping to do. And, as I typed that, I just realized I think I have more wrapping to do than I thought.

Then ... cooking. And more cooking. And some more cooking.

Cooking for five on Friday night, nine on Saturday night, fourteen on Sunday lunch. I'm thinking about making the same thing times a thousand and just putting it out there three times. Nobody would notice would they? Even though it's kind of various combinations of the same people. I was fretting that I won't have enough food for Sunday. But, after a total come apart on the phone with my mom the other night, I feel better. Because nothing says Christmas like a nervous breakdown.

I'm obsessing right now over the big ham and two pork tenderloins that are in the outside little refrigerator in the garage. I had to put it out there because it won't fit in the regular frig what with the 27 containers of sour cream and stuff. I'm afraid I've set the temperature too warm or the frig is going to die or something. I've checked on that meat a jillion times. Including once at 3:30 in the morning. Yes, I have issues. So, I will just continue to go out there and pat my ham.

Oh - guess what? Last night, Jordan and her friend cooked dinner for us - poppyseed chicken, beans, rolls, apple dumplings - YUM. It was delicious. And they cleaned up the kitchen. (Score!) And brought me flowers. Sweet girls. They were so proud of themselves. And gave each other a high five and said "We're gonna' be great moms!" It was really a sweet act of service and a nice treat. I may sign them up for a weekend cooking job.

So, I'm off to work. Then home. HOME. Yes.

Then, it's all just fine. Regardless if my cranberries get cooked or not.

And, my sweet beloved husband just looked over at me and said, "So, whatcha' got goin' today and tomorrow?"


Excuse me while I beat him with a wrapping paper tube.

What are y'all doing? What's on your to-do list the next few days?

Sound off.

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JuJu said...

I totally get your refrigerator fear. Can you imagine making everyone sick over the Christmas Meal? That would be a gift that would be returned....

I am done with everything. I've been socializing all week, which is way more than I like to, so tomorrow, I sleep. zzzzzz