Friday, December 23, 2011

Peace. And peace out

You'll all be pleased to know I finished my shopping AND my wrapping. Well, I have three presents for the Bloggie Doggie that I have to wrap. But his can't be put under the tree until the last minute because he is a snooper. And yes, I buy presents for my dog. And yes, I wrap them. Don't judge.

So, the cooking and hanging around can now begin.

Speaking of hanging out, did I mention we're headed to the beach next week? Looking forward to doing NOTHING ... football, movies, food, books, sleep ... NOTHING.

I'll be taking a little bloggy vacation over the next week or so. So, I'll be back when I'm back.

But I wish you all a merry MERRY Merry Christmas. May peace and love and sausage balls abound.

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JuJu said...

Oh Merry Merry Christmas my blogging buddy. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays.

Enjoy your beach time. And, don't forget to unplug your Christmas Lights!