Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

There really is a good explanation about this picture.

And, yes, I will confess that's me....

On the right.

The Captain's sister is on the left. The Chef sister.

She's in town and came over to hang out Monday night. After we introduced her to Just Dance, we played Quelf. Ever play that game? (JuJu, PLEEEEEEASE tell me you have this game. It's *perfect* for you and your crew...)

The game requires you to do all sorts of wild stuff.

Like "make a mask out of household items and wear it until you land on a green spot"

Yeah, that was my card. So I did that.

Construction paper, coffee filters, and a headband.

And my precious daughter took a picture. And posted it on the World Wide Web. I love her.

Why there is no picture of Chef Sister with toilet paper all over her head as she pretends to be a mummy or one of the Captain performing a rousing rendition of "I'm a Little Teapot" is beyond me.... *ahem*

If you can get past me in that lovely mask, there are some other most interesting things in that picture.

Yes, I have on pajamas. And slippers. Don't hate.

And check out the big M on the mantle. It's supposed to be a W - an awesome Christmas gift from Connie. But Chef Sister's name - which used to start with a W - now starts with an M. And, upon her arrival at mi casa, she flipped it over. So there's that.

Please take note of the lovely mauve gigantic bean bag. That is not a permanent fixture in my den. But during the lazy winter days, Cooper drags it downstairs and plops in it in front of the TV.

Oh, with his two footballs. Yeah.

So, there ya' go. A "normal" night at my house.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

OMG, I do not have this game, but I am totally going to run out and buy it! That mask is so CHIC!!

It's so funny, the first thing I noticed in the pic was the M!! It's a very cool letter, no matter which way you place it.

And, I love Cooper's style. Chilling at all times!

Steve Burns said...

I hear that normal is the new normal.

Lheffie Baby said...

awe! I was wondering about the M...thought it was for manic monday!LOL.too bad Babe Kennedy and nurse sister couldnt make and be in picture too! I like the m/w...been wanting to make/paint a K for miss Kennedy and a H for day....