Friday, January 13, 2012

Science and stuff

Cooper recently uttered the most dreadful words known to humanity.

"It's time for the science fair."

I don't do science.

I'm allergic.

The Captain handles all the scientific stuff about the science fair.

I handle paper, font, color, layout, alignment. Stuff like that.

I thought he had it all decided and was going to recycle a topic that Jordan used one year: "Which pain reliever dissolves fastest in water?"

But last night Cooper said he was part of Sydney and Zach's group doing something about growing plants with Coke or something like that. He lost me after he used the word "group." I HATE group projects. Hate. But it sounds like Sydney's mom is on top of it. So, fine with me. She can just let me know when Cooper is supposed to bring some Coke over to her house. Or whatever it is.

My lofty goal is to just make it through today. This five-day work week is slightly ridiculous. I just want to get back home to my jammie pants and monkey slippers. And play a little Bejeweled. And read Mockingjay. Oh, and sleep. A lot.

Peace and love.

3 Wanna' ramble too?: said...

and eat some pig product

Steve Burns said...

I can't wait until Jaylin gets to the science fair. Oh wait, yes I can.

JuJu said...

Group Projects = YUCK

And hey, pssst, nothing grows in coke.

Hope you get a nap this weekend!