Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who ya gonna call?

Yesterday was filled with all kinds of ridiculous bizarre situations. It seriously was just the weirdest day.

Included in this list was a call from the Captain who was updating some forms and needed to know who I wanted to receive my "notification call" from, in case something bad happens to him at work. And by "something bad happening to him at work", I don't really mean getting paper jammed in the copy machine.

"Who can it be?"

"Anybody you want."


*sigh* "Yes, anybody."

"How about Huey Lewis?"

"How about Frank?"

"How about Huey Lewis AND Frank?"

"How about just Frank?"

Last night I decided I wanted to change my notifier from Huey Lewis to - prepare yourself for this brilliance - Christopher Meloni. We all know he is one of my Top Five Celebrity Crushes. And, since he plays a cop on TV, I figured he would be perfect to deliver the bad news. Because I'm sure he's done that on TV and all. It was brilliance on my part.

The Captain was not impressed with my epiphany.

Then I asked about utilizing another crush, Mike Rowe. And I made some joke about it being such a Dirty Job (hahahahaha) and got so tickled at myself over that little thing.

Again, no real reaction from the Captain.

All the Captain was really interested in at that moment was how much money some guy was going to get for his Civil War gun from those Pawn Star shop guys.


I realized I was getting nowhere with this discussion. So I just gave up.

Well, nothing wrong with Frank. I like him.

Frank it is.

Not that I really even wanted to talk about such a yucky thing to begin with.

But, hey, he's the one with the forms to fill out.

And, he asked....

And, he did say "anybody"....

Anyhoo, I'm hoping today is not quite as bizarre as yesterday.

One thing that today brings is .... Coop's first baseball game! Woot! I'll be cheering for the cute kid playing third.

Peace out.

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JuJu said...

I think Christopher Meloni was the perfect selection. Part of the deal would be that he would have to hold you in his arms, right?

Good luck to Cooper!