Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's ginormous

So, tomorrow we are headed to Atlanta for a ginormous volleyball tournament. I've never done this big one before. But, from what they say, it's ginormous. And by "they", I mean Connie. I asked her about it, and she said, "It's ginormous."

It's a six hour drive.


Six hours.

If I'm going to drive six hours, I should at least be rewarded with a beach. Or a Mouse.

Instead, I think I've got over 150 volleyball courts in my future. For three days.

Do y'all know how loud 150 volleyball courts is going to be?


(Note to self: Pack Advil....)

So, after all that frivolity, it's a six hour drive back home.


Six hours.

Any trip that involves a time change and the possibility of mass transit is serious business.

At this point, another Crazy Volleyball Mom is driving, so Jordan and I are riding with her. Yesterday, it appeared there was a teeeeny chance that she was going to bail on me. And for about thirty minutes, I bordered on a panic attack. But I pulled myself together.

No, the Captain and Coop aren't making this trip. The Captain is headed to Nashville today. For just two days. And Cooper has school and all. Plus, he has a game on Thursday night.

Oh, how did he do last night? How sweet of you to ask. He had a single, two RBIs, and a stolen base. And he looked darn cute.


Yay Number Twelve! (JuJu, please forward this link to Cute Baseball Coach Brother. I'm sure he will want to see a pic of an ADORABLE recruit.)

Lots to do today. Including squeezing in eight hours of work........But my Hair Girl was able to get me worked in this afternoon. I wept with joy.

I'll be checking out of the ol' blog until Monday. So y'all play nice while I'm gone.

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JuJu said...

I can't even imagine that much volleyball. Surely it must be a Guiness record?

Sign him up! Cooper is the next Missouri Tiger!