Monday, April 2, 2012


So proud to say we have survived the weekend in Hotlanta.

We had a fun little adventure.

It was a lotta' volleyball.

And so. many. people.

It was loud. Loud. LOUD.

We finished 64th.

Out of 85,320 teams.

OK, I'm kidding.

Well, not about the 64th part.

We survived riding the train thing to and fro.

Lots to see on the ol' train.

We saw two men ... ummm ... getting to know each other. And a man with a gun tucked in his pants. Yes, a gun. And, I'm sure we saw lots of other things that I have blocked out of my short term memory.

I am convinced I could not survive in a big city like that with all the traffic and train stuff and people. That city would chew me up and spit me out.

We bought tickets to the Mega Millions Lottery at a little stop and pump in Georgia. We were sure we were going to win. Since we found a penny in the parking lot. And I pumped two gallons of gas on my pants. Those seemed like great signs.

But, no, I didn't win.

I just had a penny.

And pants that smelled like gas.

Jordan wanted to know if we won, could I quit work.

Yes, dear. If we won $640 million, I could quit work.

But no winning ticket for me.

So I'm headed to work this morning.

Still poor.

And tired.

Poor and tired.

I sound like the Statue of Liberty...

I'm sure I have more to share about the Wild Hotlanta Volleyball Adventure. But, it will have to wait until another day when normal function of my brain returns.

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JuJu said...

I enjoyed your tweets, and thinking of you navigating the city! I'm so glad you survived.

And, so sorry you didn't win the big money. I would have enjoyed that whole blog perspective.

w said...

the atl scares me. once, i saw a man with long fingernails. so long that they curled around like 3 times. i'm not exaggerating. also. that wasn't in the atl. that was in miami. but still. i liken them to be the same.