Monday, April 30, 2012

Sadness and sickness

Sad news to report from the patio. 

My little dove eggs apparently met that sad fate known as the Mean Blue Jay Massacre.

Apparently, Edgar called Jason (the Captain's friend who is a contractor and Edgar's boss) to inform him of the bad news.  "Meeeester Yaaaayson, Meeeester Yaaaayson, the eeeegs are being peeeeecked."

Mean ol' blue jays.  So, Mama Dove never returned.  I know, I know... it's the circle of life and all that stuff.  But I'm kind of sad.  Poor Mama Dove.

{Moment of silence for the lost little dove eggs.}

The good news is the west side of my house is now painted. 

After a small period of mourning on Friday night, most of the rest of my weekend featured nursing a sick Jordan who was diagnosed with an Upper Everything Infection.  Including bilateral conjunctivitis.  Which is fancy medical talk for pink eye in both eyes.

Three prescriptions have required a chart to help me keep up with what med gets pushed when.  Especially since the eye drops instructions are something like "two drops every two hours for two days then three drops every four hours for five days" or something like that.

We survived the weekend after obsessive hand washing, medicine dosing, Lysol spraying, nap taking, liquid pushing, cough suppressing, sheet changing, nose blowing, Kleenix tossing, and vapor rub rubbing. 

And I'm happy to report that Jordan is still among the living.  

I'm not so happy to report that it's now Monday.  So, back to all the blah blah blah.  

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JuJu said...

Oh goopy eyes! Blech. And it is so painful. Bless her heart, and yours. I'm glad to hear that she is recovering!

Bless the baby birdies. And Bless Edgar. I wish he could paint my house.

Colleen said...

Sorry about your weekend except the house painting. You always keep me laughing!