Friday, April 27, 2012

In a clutch

About two weeks ago, a little dove made nest in the end of the gutter on our patio.  She just sits up there.  And hardly ever leaves.   I guess it's a good safe spot.  Unless it rains a lot and the I would think a gutter is not a good place to raise small birds that can't fly.

Anyway, the whole nest thing has become slightly problematic this week because the Captain has gotten Edgar the Guatemalan Painter Man to paint the house this week.   And all the gutters on my whole house are spread out in the back yard.  Except for the gutters on the west side of the house.

Because, I told the Captain to tell Edgar the Guatemalan Painter Man he can't mess with the dove nest.  So I'm guessing parts of the west side of the house won't be worked on for probably two more weeks.  I know they think I'm nuts, but I can't, in good conscience, mess up that nest.   So, yes, I'm holding up the whole painting project.

Edgar the Guatemalan Painter Man is a cute little fella.   He's about 4' 8" tall.  Dude uses LOTS of ladders.  And he just smiles and says,  "You like?"

I've thanked him for watching out for the nest.

"You like?"

"I do like.  It looks great.  Thanks for watching out for the eggs."

"Ohhh.  Two eeeeggs in deeee neeeest."

"Yes.  Thanks for being careful around them."

"Two eeeeggs in deeee neeeest."

Sadly, I haven't seen the dove since yesterday morning when I left for work.  I know Edgar hasn't messed with the nest or gutters or anything because no work has been done over on that part of the house.   And I thought she may return late last night after things settled down out there.  But, I haven't seen her yet.   If she has personally made the decision to relocate that's ok,  I just didn't want the eviction to be on our heads.

May be time to tell Edgar that he can start painting over on the weeeest side of deeee house.

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JuJu said...

I love Edgar.
And the dove.
And the gutters.
and the fact that you wouldn't paint while mama was there.

Anonymous said...

Does edgar have a phone number and what cities does he work in?