Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday blah blah blah

So we're pressing on with this driving thing.

Cooper just comments from the back seat.

"You're doing a nice job, Jordan."

"I think you're speeding, Jordan."

"That was a good turn, Jordan."

I just hang on to the door and press my pretend brake pedal on the passenger side.

She's actually doing a pretty good job. And I'm getting used to hearing, "Can I drive?" every time we get in the car.

I am also getting used to hearing her scream, "HOLY!" every time she makes a left turn.

In other news, Jordan is going to a church banquet tomorrow night with a friend and that little invite has resulted in a scramble for a dress, appropriate undergarments, hair appointments and ordering a "boy flower" as she calls it.

I know this is a lame post, but it's been a full week and my mind is a million places today so that's all I've got on this fine Thursday morning.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

Colleen said...

I didn't think it was a lame post at all! Just keep using that passenger side brake and all will be well.

Good luck with the church banguet arrangements...

My girls are 33 and 31, when I read your blog it takes me back. Thanks!

Susan said...

I think this is a totally acceptable post considering the trauma you are subjected to every time you walk out the door and climb into the passenger side of the car...

Hugs :)

JuJu said...

Oh Angie, I still slam on that brake all the time.

The fact that you can still string together a sentence is impressive to me!