Friday, April 20, 2012


Exciting night at the ol' ballpark last night

where the game was tied in the last inning

and my sweet Cooper stole third and home to score the winning run

and he was so happy

but our batter was called for interference at home plate

and the ref was actually going to just let it go but the meanie coach on the other team made a big deal about it

and they took the run back

and as if just taking the winning run wasn't enough

they called him out on third

stupid baseball rules

and my sweet Cooper was so sad

and my mama's heart just broke right there on those metal bleachers.

So I went up to the meanie coach after the game and gave him a piece of my mind and then keyed his car in the parking lot on my way out.

OK, I didn't do that.

But I wanted to.

I was just so sad for him. And I know that's life and sports and there's no crying in baseball and all that. But, man, it was just so stinky.

And, in the end, we still won the game with a walk-off single.

And my sweet Cooper was one of the first ones across the field to congratulate his teammate

And my mama's heart was proud.

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JuJu said...

Why is it that the adults always have to ruin a children's game?

You are raising a fine young man Angie. Well done!