Thursday, May 24, 2012

*honk honk*

Dropped Jordan off at the gym the other day.

Not the day that the Captain made her walk home.

But the day before that.

And, I noticed this...

A gigantic goose thing.

Seriously.  This thing was huge.  HUGE.

So I called the authorities immediately.

i.e. The Captain.

I told him the police department should be on high alert and get the SWAT team ready because there was a gigantic killer goose thing on the loose about to terrorize the city.

He wasn't phased. 

And pretended like we got disconnected.

OK, he didn't do that.  But he did have a total non-reaction.

He told me to send him the pics.

So I did.

And he texted me back.

"It's a swan."

"Ummmm, no.  It's GIGANTIC with no swoopy neck."

"Black legs = Swan."

"Killer goose thing."

And that's when he quit replying to me...

When I picked Jordan up later, the gigantic killer goose thing had moved over to the other side of the parking lot and there were cars all around it and park rangers and folks.

I texted the Captain again: 

"Must be some special goose because park ranger people all around it.  People gathered around."


"Looks like a park ranger truck and a guy on a cart thing and a few cars all around.  Why would they do that?  Cause he's a gigantic killer goose?" 

No reply from the Captain.

Why doesn't he ever take me seriously?!?!?

So I decided to take matters in my own hands, and throwing caution to the wind, I pulled on over there and hopped out. 

"What is it?!?!? A gigantic killer goose thing?!?!?"

But one of the ladies said, "No, it's our pet trumpeter swan."

"YOUR PET?!?!?!?!"

She had been missing for three weeks.

Now, how something the size of my couch could be roaming the city streets without anybody noticing is beyond me.  But it happened

And so the story goes, that the gigantic killer goose thing  trumpeter swan had a friend back home who has been sad and missing his friend. 

We left with the dad deciding to find some corn and a net.  I guess they were going to try to catch her and put her in the car and drive her home.

Now *that* would be a sight....

But, here she is....

The Captain dished out a little "I told you so" that night. 



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JuJu said...

And all we have is a dog and some cats. Not nearly as cool as a trumpeter swan...