Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday night review

A recap of the evening at mi casa.
Jordan went to the gym and the Captain was going to pick her up on his way home from work.

Then we found out the Captain was at his mom's house working on his boat.  That was fine.  It's near the gym.

Text from Jordan:  Somebody come get me.

Text from me:  Text your dad.  He's near.

And she waited and waited. 

Then their exchange went something like this:

Hello??  Want me to start walking?

And he apparently said yes. 

Because she started walking.

But then he picked her up part way. No worries.

My dinner was nuts because I really didn't feel like making anything.  Or even thinking of anything.  So we had some pasta.  And pizza bites.  Because they are kind of Italianish so it went along with the theme and I pretended like it was a perfect side dish.

Then I heard Cooper say, "Hey dad, wanna' whittle?"

The Captain told Coop to go find some sticks.

I don't think this is what he had in mind.

They broke off a few small pieces off that tree thing and then they started whittling.  Like Jed and Jethro.

Me and my kindle had grand plans to sit outside with the Clampett boys but those were thwarted by Jordan and a 5 page study guide for an English final exam.

So we reviewed all sorts of poetry terms and fancy things like that.

While she held Gauge in her lap like a baby.

It was ... odd....

Because he usually doesn't like to be held.  Much less cuddled.  And he is ... big. 

Look at these goobers.

Then Cooper started catching sticks on fire with my bug candle.

And I actually said these things out loud:

Do not catch the dog on fire.

Do not catch your sister's hair on fire.

Do not catch the chair cushions on fire.

Then it got dark and we all came inside.    Cooper started asking about how fast cardboard burns.  I may have a problem here....

Then he drug out that geo gami book again. 

So I took a stab at a hexahedron.

Whatever that is....

It only ended up with a little kite looking thing.  I don't think that's a hexahedron.

I told him he can't wait until 9pm to start working on these things.  Because my brain is tired and my eyes don't work.

So we all went to bed.

And I woke up at 3am. And have been awake ever since.

The end.

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JuJu said...

You probably woke up because you were afraid of the little pyromaniac living under your roof?

L O V E the pictures to the nth degree. I want to come sit out on your porch with you and whittle with the dudes.