Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot. Dogs. And Sharpie Eyebrows.

Well, let's see.  What happened this weekend?
Our air conditioner went out Friday afternoon.  It was hot.  But we slept upstairs on the most uncomfortable guest bed ever in the history of guest beds.  And then Mr. Air Conditioner Repair Man came on Saturday and replaced something and then it got cool again. And all the people said amen.

There was also a little incident involving Jordan, a friend-boy, and two mean barking growly stray dogs who surrounded the friend-boy's truck and wouldn't go away.  Jordan couldn't get in the house, so the Captain had to go out there and rescue her.  Armed with a golf club.  

Oh, and then Jordan drew eyebrows on the dog with a Sharpie marker...

"Nobody knows...the trouble I've seen...."

And then the weekend was over.

The end.

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JuJu said...

Wow, who knew eyebrows would make a doggy look so stressed?

Poor little Gauge.

Colleen said...

She looks sooooooo sad!